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#14 Voice Technology with Dr Rajesh Bhargave & Sina Kahen, MBA

April 16, 2018

Voice technology is an exciting area that will be relevant to all of us much earlier than AR or VR would. For this exciting episode we have Assistant Professor Rajesh Bhargave and MBA student & Voice Consultant Sina Kahen sharing their perspectives on the impact voice will have in the near and long term future.

Rajesh Bhargave is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Imperial College Business School, whose research is focused on the psychology of consumer behaviour. In his publications, you can read insights on how consumers use new technologies in decision-making. For instance, how shoppers behave in-store when they have access to their smartphones, or how people process information when they are online with others. He has a PhD in marketing from the Wharton School in Philadelphia.

Sina Kahen is a part-time MBA student at Imperial College, and has been working in the biotechnology industry for over 7 years. Since arriving at Imperial in September, Sina has founded VAICE, a probono consulting team of MBAs that helps brands discover the benefits of voice technology and helps them develop their voice strategy on platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. His academic background is in biomedical sciences, religion, and philosophy.

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